The project was to introduce radical innovation within fire detection by developing new intelligent sensors in miniature format. The aim of the development of the new sensor technology was to meet the need to improve the sensors' reaction time and sensitivity, and thereby reduce the costs and damage due to fire.
Through cooperation between the parties to the project, the ambition was to develop a thoroughly tested concept comprising a sensor to measure the gas, and electronics for data processing and communication. The technology will be developed and marketed in two new formats, to ensure that the concept can be used widely in relation to fireproofing and fire prevention. One format is a point-formed detector for installation under ceilings. The other is a minisensor that can be built into electrical apparatus.

SmokeSense is an EU-financed project that commenced on 1 September 2013 and ran until September 2015.

Project Lead
Dan Bluhme
Senior Advisor
Civil Engineer (M.Sc.)

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