Fires on board container vessels are an increasing problem on a global scale. Historically, the fires are shown to be complex and difficult to handle, often leading to substantial economic losses and sadly the loss of human lives.

Throughout the last 50 years, containerships have significantly increased in size, and the trend seems to continue towards ever-larger vessels. While economically impactful, this size increase leads to even greater risks of fires during sea-voyages. Fires that are difficult to detect and fight and therefore often leads to losses in the scale of hundreds of millions of dollars.

DBI will, in the pilot-project CONTAIN, address the issue through three main areas; technical, human, and organizational.

Central focal points include: identifying, understanding, and modelling specific fire scenarios at a very high quality; determining the best suited technological solutions for detection and firefighting; and finally interviews and workshops with relevant stakeholders from the industry to elucidate awareness related issues from personnel to organizational levels throughout the shipping chain.

Through the pilot project, the goal is to address selected key points within each of these areas that then serve as a foundation for a larger project involving full scale testing, extensive field studies, and work on new simulation tools.

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